June 21, 2009

ARISE African Fashion Week 2009

L'or d'Afrique by Auditions

L'or d'Afrique showed a lot of neutral colours, especially coffee (I would say earthy, but there is just a lot more richness about these beautiful creations to call it earthy).

In addtition to the rich colours, there was also a lot of statement jewelry - mostly in gold.

Leather corset belts teamed with feminine pieces made me very excited about what we might see in shops in S.A.
Note how I lay emphasis on the word "might"...

Another global trend I noticed in the L'or d'Afrique Audtions Collection, was the abundant use of nude. This makes me very happy since a lot of S.A. designers feel the overwhelming need to use Shwe-Shwe in their designs, and I don't think it's necessary to use "out of Africa basics" in order to be original.


Abigail Keats

Abigail Keats also showed a lot of neautral colours. We saw ruffles and mini's are also something that haven't left our shores.



Musculine lines, feminine prints, neutrals, high hemlines and bows. I'm happy.

Oh, and Heni Este-hijzen just had to throw in this gorgeous ruffle piece - who would have thought that our very own designers had so much range?!


David Tlale

The genius David Tlale really needs a permanent spot in Paris Fashion week - the man has talent!!

He has also incorporated the nude/rich coffee flavour into his collection. A bit of boho chic, and a touch of fifties vintage - how could I not be entirely giddy.

And the best for last - Mr Tlale is responsible for my favourite piece of this year's AFW.

I am tottaly in love with this satiny flowy jumpsuit - strange since I usually hate jumpsuits.

I a truly happy that South-African fashion is alive and kicking - you guys make us proud!!

Thank you: Simon Deiner / SDR Photo, Henry Wesley
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